We live in a multi-cultural world where interacting cross-culturally can be a very positive experience, but it can also lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Many people are unaware of how much their own cultural background affects the way they think and the way they communicate with others. Whether you are a non-profit or profit organisation seeking to send workers overseas; whether you are a business person working with partners from other nations or whether you are involved in a small community based organisation, we all encounter those from different cultural backgrounds.

In this training, Mark and his associates draw upon their own experiences of living in other cultural contexts. They have been trained to recognise common issues that arise from living cross-culturally.

The process

Smart Culture helps people in Charities and Businesses working cross-culturally to:

  • Understand their own cultural background
  • Understand cultural differences between home and new culture
  • Equip workers for overseas assignment, particularly around realistic expectations and healthy overseas living
  • Build positive relationships through effective communications
  • Equip overseas workers for re-entry to their home culture

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Martin – PI Regional Leader
Our Vision

To train and equip leaders to transform culture, build successful teams and organisations where everyone is seen, heard and valued for their unique contribution.

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