About Us and the S.M.A.R.T. Process

Working with Smart Culture

As a Founder/Owner of your business when was the last time you took time to lift your head and think about where you are going? How can I be more successful and what about when I want to exit the business? Making space to work on your business to achieve the success you wanted is where Smart Culture can help.

We work with you using The S.M.A.R.T.(Seeing More Allows Real Transformation) process which is designed to help you identify quickly areas which are undermining your business success, identify opportunities you can leverage and to create culture in your business that delivers success for everyone.

At each stage of the process we will ask powerful questions designed to unlock your personal and business potential. Listening to you is vital to generating the right roadmap to get you where you want to be.


• An initial exploratory call to determine your pressing need or opportunity
• Determine if we are a good fit with each other
• Agree terms and proceed
Step 1


• What does success look like for you?
• Determine your ideal future – Where are you headed?
• Your vision in 12 months, in 3 & 5 years
Step 2


• Where are you now? - determine your current reality – what is the culture now?
• Identify current challenges – how is your culture undermining your success?
• Identify opportunities – unearthing all the options, brainstorming what is possible
• Evaluate your current resources – personnel | capital | assets | finance
• Identify the gap between current reality and your ideal future
Step 3


• Generate options and strategies which move you towards your ideal future
• Determine the best workplace culture for you to be successful
• Evaluate those options – establish the best fit
• Generate a draft roadmap – look at culture, values, successes, challenges, limiting beliefs, areas for growth, goals
Step 4


• Agree and commit to the roadmap
• Regular (at least monthly) monitoring using unique interactive software
• Evaluate and change the roadmap as needed to achieve your ideal future
Step 5

Introducing your Coach – Mark Billage

If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your team, your leaders and yourself, Mark has the knowledge and experience to help and guide you to success, by using the most powerful tool in any organisation – culture.

Using powerful coaching and training tools create culture ….

Whilst training teams in the UK and worldwide, Mark has witnessed many lightbulb moments when people begin to understand themselves and their colleagues better. It suddenly becomes clear how to achieve that common goal.

To be the best educator to others, Mark continues his own learning journey by consistently reading, listening and watching, then extracting those golden nuggets to share with his clients.

Mark’s conviction is: “The way you view things is the way you do things.”

Book a 30 minute discovery call and connect with him on LinkedIn

Qualifications and experience

Delivery of leadership, team and individual development training in different settings and countries since 1997

Experience of working in differing roles as CEO, part of the senior management team, and as a business owner since 1999.

Clients include private sector businesses, public sector and non-profit organisations.

A certified Myers Briggs Practitioner.

A certified member of the Maxwell Leadership Team (Training in Leadership, Speaker Training, Coaching, Sales and Entrepreneurship).

Led and implemented organisational change as CEO at a non-profit organisation.

Our Vision

"To train and equip leaders to transform culture, build successful teams and organisations where everyone is seen, heard and valued for their unique contribution."

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