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The scale business

For Chief Executives who want to scale their businesses fast using proven strategies.

What is The Scale Business?

Growth and success are difficult to achieve alone. Connecting with others who want to realise their success is a faster and more successful route. The Scale Business is here to facilitate that – we are an exclusive executive peer board membership organisation for Chief Executives of medium
sized companies who want to scale faster.

As a licensed Board Chair I can help facilitate the growth of your business working with you and your team to achieve the traction you need in these challenging times.

How to work with us:

Scale Board

How it works:

Members define their scale vision and purpose and balance scale growth with personal development to become the absolute best version of themselves.

The collective knowledge and expertise of the Scale Business and its members will bring results, with the potential to double the size of your company and treble its valuation in as little as three years.

Here you can take a holistic look at your company and acquire new insights to bring to your board in the shape of clearly defined and actionable content.

All board members work with an experienced chair who runs a structured monthly board meeting agenda. The agenda focuses on both professional and business success in scaling your company. You will feel inspired, motivated and challenged, leading to quantum leaps in your business performance.

The FastGrowth Traction Programme


Two days. Four strategies. One clear path for growth.

The FastGrowth Traction Programme focuses on the four key strategies you need for scale-up success.

 ➤  Inspire

You’ll create a company vision and purpose so compelling it ignites and aligns your workforce behind its guiding principles.

 ➤  Seize

The key opportunities you need to achieve this vision are within your grasp. We’ll help you identify your special niche – and decide your best option to scale.

 ➤  Overcome

Whether it’s staff performance or strategic barriers that stand in the way of your scale-up plans, we’ll help you identify and remove the obstacles in your path.

 ➤  Implement

It’s time to take action. We’ll help you implement your quarterly scale priorities along with your key traction projects over the next six to 12 months.

What people say:

“I have attended programmes with an extra zero in the price that were not as impactful and
well run. Thank you.”
Alex Jones


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Sandro - Team Leader, PI, Manchester
Our Vision

To train and equip leaders to transform culture, build successful teams and organisations where everyone is seen, heard and valued for their unique contribution.

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